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Climate Control

Controllers for Regulated Climates in Incubators, Grow Rooms, Grain Silos, Proovers, Meat Curing Chambers, Cheese Production and others.

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  • The EVCO EV3B31N7 is a 230V digital temperature controller with a LED display and is capable of controlling medium temperature refrigeration applications as well as heating applications. Ideal for Baine Maries and Incubators Supplied with 1 x 1.5m NTC temperature probe.

  • Combined Temperature and Humidity Digital Controller, Panel Mounted, 230V supplied complete with Wall Mounted Sensor. The Controller has 5 Relay outputs.

  • Humidity and Temperature Controller. Panel Mounted 12VAC/DC, Supplied with Humidiity and Temperature Sensors. Can be connected to the EVConnect App for logging by simply adding the Bluetooth connector, available as an extra.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items