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Condensate Drain Pumps

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  • The EE1650 monobloc piston 2 litre tank pump, with a condensate pumping capacity of 32 litres/hour, on units of 30kw (100 000btu) This pump is designed for air conditioning systems with or without condensate collection trays. Furthermore, its design enables it to sit under or inside the condensate collection tray. See the EE400 for a cheaper 2 litre tank...

  • The MaxiBlue uses a rotary diaphragm pump and is a compact lightweight package which will work on units up to 16kw (55 000btu) This pump will retro-fit not only around existing pipework or corner trunking but also into the ceiling void due to its self priming capabilities. The pump is controlled with the cooling signal.

Showing 16 - 17 of 17 items