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Voltage Protection

Appliance protection against low voltage, high voltage and spikes. Compressor start up delay offers additional protection.

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  • Compressor protection by means of monitoring voltage input.

  • Compressor protection for your domestic fridge or freezer by means of monitoring voltage input. Available in South African 3 Pin Plug and European 2 Pin Plug. Simply plug into the wall and plug your appliance into the Fridge Guard unit.

  • Voltage protection for your TV and other electronic appliances. Protects from under and over voltage, surges and spikes.

  • The EVKB63N7 is a 115 - 230VAC digital temperature controller with a LED display and is capable of controlling low temperature applications. The controller protects against voltage fluctautions Supplied with 2 x 1.5m NTC temperature probe.

  • EVST is a range of soft starters for switching on, protecting and starting current limitation of CSR (Capacitor Start and Run) single-phase “scroll” compressors.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items