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  • This Handheld Electrostatic Meter is an ideal tool for manufacturing lines in the Plastic and Textile Industry as well as many others. The meter will assist you to easily detect the amount of static charge at specific points of your line, as well as establish if your antistatic ionizers are operating as they should.

  • This advanced Ultrasonic Leak Detector using a new type of sound translator offering high sensitivity, selectivity and ease of use. A peak hold display feature makes leak detection much faster. The goose neck mounted sensor offers very high sensitivity at the leak spot offering flexibility and ease of use in tight areas like automobile engine compartments.

  • NEX FLOW™ "FLEX.US" Ultrasonic / Ultrasound Leak Detector The FLEX.US ultrasonic leak detector kit comes with the FLEX.US unit and manual and utilizes two AA alkaline batteries (included).

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items